Gaia Fugazza


MA Fine Art, UAL Chelsea; London- Awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship
BA Brera Art Accademy, Milan
Erasmus, Université Paris 8, Paris


Outputs, The Yard Theater , London
My Night of Unlimited Favour, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Mimosa Pudica, Oxytocin, Guy College, London; curated by Procreate Project and Birth Rites Collection
Super Nature in Two Parts, Lisson Gallery, London
Mimosa Pudica, Last Dance: Re-imagined futures, Lighthouse; Brighton
Other Ways, Baltic Triennal 13, South London Gallery London; curated by Vincent Honoré
Water from the waist down, Kunstahall Oslo, Oslo; curated by Mark Sperlinger and Will Bradley
Alla fine dei loro frustini, Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna; curated by Daria Khan
Star Messenger, LUX, London; Curated by PS/Y
The London Open: Live Whitechapel Gallery, London

Solo and duo exhibitions

Virginity is not a conctraceptive, Richard Saltoun Online, London
A fool with a tool, Case Chiuse HR, Milano, Framed by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi
Antidotes and their Counterparts, two person show with Haroon Mirza, Häusler Contemporary, Zurich
Ostaggi e amici, Gallleriapiù, Bologna
Gatherer Hardwiring, Porcino, Berlin; curated by David Horvitz
Invites: Gaia Fugazza /Present and Distracted, Zabludowicz Collection, London; curated by Paul Luckraft
MA FA Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art, London
Studiolo #9, Spazio Cabinet, Milan; curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi
Shikinen Sengu, Nuova Icona, Oratorio San Ludovico, Venice; curated by Elisa Genna
La quadratura del sasso, Room Galleria , Milan; curated by Charlie Lioce
Méridiens et Parallèles, L’Age D’Or, Paris; curated by Annabella Tournon
Sarrasine, The Promenade Gallery, Vlorë; curated by Artan Shabani
Afterwords, Atelier Pier Sèvres; curated by Pierre Limpens

Group exhibitions

Fantasmagoriana, Lofoten International Art Festival, Curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi
21 Premio Cairo, Palazzo Reale, Milan
Artissima, Gallleria Più, Turin
Everywhere was nowhere and nowwhere is everywhere, Pi Artworks, London, Curated by Mustafa Hulusi
Love, celebration and the road ahead, Cob Gallery, London, Curated by Elizabeth Neilson
Born from Earth, Richard Saltoun, London
Only dull people are brillant at breakfast, ADA, Rome
Artissima, Gallleria Più, Turin
Italy at Frieze, Italian Embassy, London, curated by Flavia Frigeri
Love Letters, Almanac Projects, London
Estetica con conseguenze, Gallleriapiù, Bologna
Watercolour Challenge, The Internet, curated by Lindsey Mendick and Rafal Zajko
In constant use, Grandine, London, Curated by Joel Riff
Mother Art Prize, Mimosa House, London
All the small things, Alessandro Buganza Studio, Milano, Curated By Alessandro Buganza and Margherita Castiglioni
Video Languages, Untitled Association c/o 1/9unosunove arte contemporanea, Roma
By Indirections find directions out, Yamakiwa Gallery, Niigata ; Curated by Paula Lopez Zambrano
Growing Gills, Mimosa House, London; Curated by Daria Khan
HRM199: For a Partnership Society , Zabludowiczcollection, London; curated by Elizabeth Nielson
Glasstress 2017, Fondazione Berengo, Venice; curated by Clare Davis
Mirrors, Milan; curated by Alessandro Buganza and Margherita Castiglioni
Future.esc, Isthisit?, The Internet; curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight
Au-delà de l'image III, Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro, Paris; curated by Valeria and Edouard Escougnou-Cetraro
Art Projects, Fondation EDF, Paris; curated by Yvon lambert
Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge; curated by Ami Barak
Memorie, Villa Manin, Passariano; curated by Andrea Bruciati
Susy Culinski & Friends, Fantaspazio, Milan; curated by Beatrice Marchi
Primavera 4, Dena Foundation, Paris; curated by Valentine Meyer
No Foods Land, Biennale Mediterranea 17, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan; curated by Andrea Bruciati
Hrm199 Ltd, Museum Tinguely, Basel; curated by Roland Wetzel
The London Open, White Chapel Gallery, London; curated by Daniel Hermann and Poppy Bowers
Studio Voltaire Open 2015, Studio Voltaire, London; selected by Cory Arcangel & Hanne Mugaas
Frosted and Defrosted, 44 Albion, London; curated by Taylor Le Melle
Studiolo-The best of Italian Youth, Museo San Francesco, San Marino; curated by M.C Valacchi
Office party, Anchorage House, London
Fotografie d’autore, Deutsche Bank Collection, Milan; curated by Angela Madesani
Trade Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
Grand Magasin, French Riviera, London; curated by Levack Lewandowski
Fuori! Artisti, Fondazione Sandro Penna, Turin; curated by Maurizio Bongiovanni
It seems that Much had an openair studio, Tunisi Court, London
Collection Particulière, French Riviera, London; curated by Levack Lewandowski
Founding for Isola, Galleria Bianconi, Milan
Celeste im Berg II, Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube, Innsbruck
Table-projecteur, La Cité des Arts -Le Bateau Lavoir, Paris
Turno 14/22, Cascina Cuccagna, Milan; curated by Alterarti
De Dreit Nien-Serpi Corallo,Spazio Borgogno, Milan; curated by Guido Santandrea
L’Auramara, CRAB Brera, Milan
Exploding Fluid Inevitable, Piscina Caimi, Milan; curated by Guido Santandrea
Celeste im Berg, Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube, Innsbruck
L’Auramara, MC Gallery, New York
Quando si Parte,Assab One, Milano
How or When,La Générale en Manufacture, Sèvres
The Berlin Wall, The Promenade Gallery, Vlorë; curated by Artan Shabani
So many men 2, The Promenade Gallery, Vlorë; curated by Artan Shabani
So many men 1, MAMM Museo de Arte Moderna, Medellin; curated by Fani Zguro
Public Turbolences, Isola Art Center, Milan
Depuis le Début, Espace MP1, Sèvres
Permanent Green, Isola Art Center, Milan
East Pico’s Show, Lonnie Blanchard Studio, Los Angeles
M6- Departement 3: Abschussball, West Germany, Berlin
Upperloc!, Theatre du Garde Chasse, Les Lilas
Melting Fest, Université Paris 8, Paris
Lo schermo ansioso, San Martino Buon Albergo, curated by Bruno Muzzolini
Talk to the city, Careof & Via Farini, Milan
Present Potential, Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor


Artist ResearchPivô, Sao Paulo– Supported by the Art Council and The British Art Council-
Dena Foundation, Artist in Residency Programm -Promotion Gina Pane, at the Centre de Récollets,Paris. Grant of the Municipality of Milan
The Mountain school of Art, Los Angeles
La Générale en Manufacture, Sèvres

Curatorial projects

My Night of Unlimited Favour, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Ann Churchill, solo show of Ann Churchill, Grandine, London
People, solo show of Jesse Wine, Tunisi Court, London
It seems that Much had an open air studio, group exhibition, Tunisi Court, London
Quando si Parte, group exhibition, Assab One, Milan
Ex-territory, workshop with Ruty Sela et Maayan Amir, different locations in Milan
With or Without, workshop and group exhibition, Interflugs Summer Accademy, Berlin
La Vente, Contemporary art auction, organised in collaboration with Olivier Nourisson, La Générale en Manufacture, Sèvres
Depuis le Début, group exhibition, espace MP1, Sèvres

Collective art projects

My Night of Unlimited Favour, Party in collaboration with Sisters from Anohter Mister and Polykiks, London
Manifesta 6 - Departement 3: Abschussball, The ‘Abschlussball / Contract of Discord’, Berlin, Germany: First project of the M6DIII zombie network – It is a contract of collaboration between the artists that were selected to participate to “Manifesta 6”
Off Season, North et Sud Cypre. A self organized residence and research trip in Cyprus


Guest lecturer at University of Fine Arts, Reading
Worshop leader at D)Effekt Akademie, Berlin